Brautechnik GmbH

Thermal Process Engineering for Complex Mediums

Competence bound by tradition

When it comes to thermal process engineering for complex mediums – Brautechnik GmbH München is your accomplished contact with many years of proven experience.

Individual adaptation

No matter if you produce viscous, chunky or carbonated mediums – we arrange the best combination of heat exchanger, pumps and valves for the required production environment, to heat and/or cool your product in the safest and most gentle way.

Efficient solutions

Through professional inclusion of plate, tubular and scrape heat exchangers from various suppliers we manage to achieve efficient manufacturing solutions optimized to your specific requirements.

Service Package

We realize your manufacturing solution – from simple pipelines to complete production plants as well as special constructions of all kinds:
From Flash Pasteurisers to CIP/SIP-Systems and Fermentation and Storage Cellars up to (pressurised) Tank Cellars and the Construction and Extension of Valve Manifolds. But also Pigging Systems, Switch Panels, Integration Piping (particular solutions) as well as Platforms and Podiums are part of our service package. Furthermore we realise Complete System Control and Integration into existing Process Control Systems or CAD-Services from small P&I diagrams up to schemes for a whole plant.

Reference projects

Satisfied customers

Since 1925 Brautechnik GmbH München is a reliable partner when it comes to thermal process engineering for fruit and wine-press houses, gourmet food producers, breweries, baby food and cosmetics producers.


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